How To Manage Your Finances As A College Student

Heading out, shopping, hanging out with friends, going to cafes, tea stalls, coffee shops, and much more, college life is all about exploring. But it is also the time to understand finances and build habits that will help during the financial stages of life. Many students struggle with bad financial choices.

If you want to play it right, follow these tips on how to manage your finances as a college student to manage your finances well.

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Why Are These Foods Super Addictive?

A big pack of potato chips or a second slice of delicious chocolate cake while watching Netflix is loved by almost everyone. Even though we try to escape and control ourselves, somehow, we end up consuming some food items. Such foods are called Super Addictive Foods.

Even though food addiction sounds harmless, but it can even lead to harmful diseases. But have you ever wondered why are these foods super addictive? Let’s find out!

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How to manage stress due to Work from Home

We are close to completing a year since the lockdown and also since we started working from home. The work from home has become the new norm and even though it has suited some more than the others, but the inability to move out freely has taken a toll on our health. As days pass, the stress due to work from home is becoming a big concern.

Here are a few tips to handle your stress as you continue to work from home.

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Curd can be harmful to you under these conditions!

Curd has always been an essential part of the Indian diet. Be it the cooling effect, aiding in digestion or its high phosphorus and calcium content, it been known for ages for its benefits. However, did you know that this highly nutritious food can also be harmful to you?

There are a few conditions under which curd can do more harm to your body than good. Have a quick look so you can avoid these conditions.

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Top 15 hilarious “Follow me for more” recipes

Just a while ago, Twitter was blowing up with the ‘art and artist’ meme trend which got people laughing. Now, we have a new one, in the block – ‘follow me for more recipes’. It’s all about recipes that sparked a wave of laughter not due to their preparation methods, or rather we can say the lack of it.

A lot of Twitter users decided to join the fun and made memes of their own. Have a look at few of the best – Bon Appétit!

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Healthy Cheat Snacks For Lockdown Days And Nights!

It’s been months that we all are stuck inside our homes and not be able to follow our routine esp our health routine. There are many memes going around the internet making fun that people will gain substantial weight before we get to move out freely. This might be somewhat true for most of us as cheat meals, eating at wrong times or not eating at all may add to the problem.

It is quite evident that, during this forced lockdown, many have developed cravings for cheat meals a bit more than their body might have bargained for. These food options may seem sinful but they’re secretly healthy and would also help in maintaining a balanced diet. Start cheating!

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