No Dumbbell full-body workout routine

Exercising in the gym or at a fitness studio is great, but sometimes all you need is your home workout especially due to pandemic or during vacations or work trips. Most of us still do not have round-the-clock access to the gym and the weights and machines. However, you really do not need such equipment for your full-body workout.

How’s that possible? Let us take you through a no dumbbell full-body workout routine.

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What’s in your Gym bag

Being fit is a standard for everyone irrespective of their age. A visit to the gym has now become a part of every individual’s daily routine. Exercising consistently assists us with staying healthy and fit. However, going to the gym is the hardest part. Working out in a gym is difficult, it’s worse if you forget something at home.

Be mindful of what’s in your gym bag so that you don’t have to struggle with your routine.

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Now stay fit with 4-Second Workout

It’s natural to be sitting longer while working from home. We all try or at least think about doing something to avoid back pain, weight gain and other related problems but fail to do so due to paucity of time.

According to a new research even small bouts of intense exercise can help neutralize the harm prolonged sitting causes. Know all about the new 4-second workout to stay fit without spending hours in exercising.

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Shweta Rathore, India’s first woman bodybuilder

Fitness and Bodybuilding have been looked upon as male-dominated professions and sports throughout the globe. However, slowly and gradually women stepped into this and proved to the world that women are as iron cast as men and can achieve anything.

One such woman is Shweta Rathore. She is as beautiful as a female actor and also as strong as any male actor. Her oomph can make any guy fall in love and her physique can demean any bodybuilder. For those of you who don’t know her, here is a glimpse of Shweta Rathore’s fit and glamorous life.

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How to cool down after your workout

Over years a lot has been said about the necessity of a warm-up session before starting your regimen. However, a large number of people still don’t do their warming up exercises.

What’s more concerning is that out of those who do, most really aren’t sensitized to the need of cooling down their bodies at the end of the workout. Hence, we are going to answer a very common question about how to cool down after your workout.

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5 Ways Yoga can change your life!

The first thing that pops into our minds when we speak about Yoga is peace that unites calmness in your heart and brain. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years but in today’s world, it has merely become a way to remain physically fit.

As per Indian scriptures, Yoga was mainly done for its meditative and spiritual core, however, we can safely say that even you don’t fully realise how yoga can change your life.

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Weight loss Myths you must stop believing right now!

Social media is abuzz with weight management tips from influencers and even not-so-reliable sources. Along with such tips, a lot of misinformation and weight loss myths also get circulated to an unassuming audience who trust a forward from their close circle.

These myths hold no ground and some of them have no connection with weight loss. Hence, busting these weight loss myths that people tend to follow blindly!

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Simple Bodyweight Exercises as Home Workout

Since most of us continue to avoid going to Gym due to the Covid-19 pandemic, exercising at home to stay fit has become very important. Home workouts can be fun but a lot of us have the inertia to start. The biggest excuse that we hear is the lack of proper equipment.

WHO recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of activity per week. Here’s a list of few simple exercises which you can do at home with limited equipment.

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Age-old food myths busted!

Food myths are one of the most pervasive myths as they keep passing on from generation to generation without anyone questioning what their parents told them. From fruits and vegetables to Vitamins and even honey, we all have been falsely believing facts that aren’t true. No one knows how most of these myths came to be.

Let’s try and shake a few of your notions about these 6 foods and break some age-old food myths!

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