Simple Bodyweight Exercises as Home Workout

Since most of us continue to avoid going to Gym due to the Covid-19 pandemic, exercising at home to stay fit has become very important. Home workouts can be fun but a lot of us have the inertia to start. The biggest excuse that we hear is the lack of proper equipment.

WHO recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of activity per week. Here’s a list of few simple exercises which you can do at home with limited equipment.

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Neck Exercises for Work From Home

Work from home might be imposed on most of us due to the lockdown, but it is becoming apparent that at least for some of us, this new reality would be staying even beyond the lockdown. Bad posture during the long working hours is resulting in many professionals having neck pain. No neck pain treatment is complete without neck exercises.

Neck exercises are categorized under two main categories of exercises that are stretching and strengthening exercises. We look at some of these exercises in this article.

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