This is how hackers steal your data

It is indeed a very unpleasant experience when you open your credit card statement and see charges in the list that you did not make. But you will have to keep in mind that none of us is immune to data breaches. It is hard to stop hackers from getting the information they are after, however, you can take a number of precautionary measures to minimise the damage.

So we are making an attempt to make you aware of a few ways in which hackers can steal from you so that you are better prepared.

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Top 5 Credit card management apps for India

If you track your fitness, mobile data or prescriptions, then you already know the benefits of tracking apps – deeper insights, timely reminders, discounts etc. There are apps that help manage your credit cards and simplify your finances and believe you me, they are awesome. Some of these apps have become very popular due to their unmatched advantages.

We bring to you top 5 such apps that are most beneficial for Indians.

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