Aliens living on Mars Are in Contact With Us, Claims Israeli Official

Aliens and conspiracy theories related to the aliens have intrigued us for generations. From UFO sightings and abductions by aliens, to Area 51 rumours, we are in love with the idea of aliens’ existence.
Every once in a while, there comes a moment when this idea gets endorsed by some insider. Recently, a former Israeli space security chief has claimed about aliens communicating with the US & Israel. Click for full story.

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4 reasons why China won’t dare to start the India-China war!

The tension on the borders has been rising since the India-China clash in the Galwan river valley in May 2020. India has stood firm against China and has given a befitting reply to Chinese aggression.

Indian reaction has left Chinese leadership conflicted between backing down or increasing their aggression. Here are the top 5 reasons in the backdrop of these events that tell us why China won’t be able to wage a war on India. Read on!

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Is Sourav Ganguly going to be the next ICC Chief?

There is a buzz in the cricket world about the possibility of Sourav Ganguly becoming the next ICC chief. We’ve heard it too and we believe he’s best positioned to lead the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Sourav Ganguly AKA ‘Dada’ had has a career playing cricket for 15 long years and his undying love for cricket has made him continue his path in making history and changing history in Cricket. In May 2019, he was unanimously elected as the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Read on to see what the international cricketing community opines about him taking over as ICC chief.

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Only Reliable Sources for COVID-19 Info & Updates

At present wherever you turn, you will hear news and get information on Coronavirus. But amidst all this sharing of news and data, we also end up consuming fake information, which might seem convincing, and which we often forward to our acquaintances without checking the authenticity of the source.

This chain leads to unauthentic information being believed by folks who receive them. WHO has defined this process of sharing fake information as “infodemic.” The question then becomes where to get reliable and timely information on which you can depend on.

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These sportsmen are serving the country amidst Covid-19

Not every sports person retires after playing the game, some go on to join different services to serve the country. While they no longer garner the glory of public attention and fame as earlier, all these ex-sportsmen continue to contribute to the community and the nation. In times as stressful as today we need more such people who have the will power and determination to win over any adversity and the stamina to stand the pressure under these testing times.

Look at these heroes and see which one do you remember and miss.

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Beware! Hackers are using Corona Virus updates to hack into your device

Despite the rising number of deaths due to Covid-19 and a global effort to stop the spread of this highly infectious virus, the online hackers have devised a malware called “coronavirus map” to steal confidential data, including bank account details and passwords. The police have issued an official statement urging people not to open any coronavirus-related links circulated on social messaging apps.

Globally, several organizations have made dashboards to keep users updated about the spread of COVID-19. But now, hackers have are using imitations of these dashboards to download malware into computers.

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